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─ Art Gallery ─

─ The Gallery

SELLi Art, with the support of AiF, will launch in January 2021, its virtual Art Gallery, containing works by artists from all over the globe.

Unlike other galleries, each booth present will be advertised individually in different countries.

Initially, this disclosure will take place in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil and Portugal.​

─ 200 Free Booths for 12 months

AiF will sponsor 200 subscribers to our foundation of all nationalities, 12 (twelve) months of all monthly Booth maintenance costs, including its disclosure by the partner Advertising Agency.

Each approved beneficiary will pay at the time of redeeming the Free Access Voucher valid for 12 months, only the Registration Fee to expose the works in the Gallery in the amount of $120 (£120), being exempt from the monthly fee for 12 months , in the amount between $199 (£199) and $399 (£399).

To request a Voucher that covers monthly fees for 12 consecutive months, the first step is to register for free at the AiF, and wait for the evaluation of your Profile, which will take place within 5 business days.

─ Contest

─ Concurso

"The Art of No + Anonymous" ─​

"A Arte dos Não + Anônimos" ─

─ A Contest to Promote the Works of Little-Known Artists

─ Um Concurso para promover  as obras de Artistas pouco conhecidos

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