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─ Campaign


─ Why do we start this Campaign?

Because we noticed that most of the still anonymous artists from different countries cannot dedicate most of their time to their artistic work, as the negotiation of their works cannot support them financially.

─ How will the Campaign be?

Through it, AiF will give a limited number of users, free access to a new service, AiF PROMOTE.

AiF PROMOTE will promote the works of artists registered in their country of origin, and in another country of their choice, in order to generate many negotiations for them.

A worldwide free service from AiF to publicize the works of “still” anonymous artists in various countries, available from January 18, 2022.

The service will, free of charge:

1- Develop a basic booth for 12 months within our virtual Art Gallery, where the artist will include their work, which will have the most important means of contact for the artist.

2- Produce, through a partner Advertising Agency, advertisements (banner and text) to promote the artists’ work on the main social networks, based on the images of the Stand.

3- Carry out, through a partner Advertising Agency, the publication of advertisements on the main social networks for 06 months.

4- Ensure Support through Whatsapp and E-mail with instructions and clarifications to the artist, when there is negotiation of their works inside and outside their country of origin.

AiF PROMOTE will initially be available in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil and Portugal.

The service will be free for 06 months for:

─ AiF Associates,

─ Enrolled in the Contest “The Art of NO + Anonymous”,

─ Free Booth Winners in our Art Gallery,

─ New AiF Associates registered until December 21, 2021.

Didn’t fit into any of the first three categories? So, become an AiF Associate now, and guarantee free use of the AiF PROMOTE.

AiF Associates have:

Free exhibition of your work in International Digital Events, and in Presential Events in your country of origin.

Presential events will not be held until the pandemic is fully controlled.

Free access to AiF PROMOTE for 06 consecutive months.

To become an AiF Associate, fill this form.

After approval of your registration, pay the Half-Year Membership Fee in the amount of $ 50 ( £50 United Kingdom).

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